Welcome Netwanderer. . .

Not such a long time ago there was a place for the unknown regular with a story to tell. . .

People didn’t have the internet for their source in all things moving to the soul. People might go out with their friends, sit down and watch the television with loved ones, or do something crazy like. . .have a social life.

Those days are gone for most of us. Sure there is still a crowd that wanders and shares, but now most of the sharing is done with our heads in our phones and our butts at our computer desks.

As a long time doer of things, and a consummate supporter of the storytelling arts, I for one am not about to allow the ramblings of the man at the bar go out of style.

So here, in my own little corner of the net, I plan to rant out loud and hope the other patrons feel strongly enough about what I said either way to rant back at me.

And like any good madman at the bar there will be a theme that my rantings ramble around. . .for me that theme is personality.

POP-PSY, REAL PSY, MBTI, ENNEAGRAM, TAROT, you name it. . .all things human interaction and the science and mysticism therein.

I hope you enjoy the site, and that it can be informative (or at the very least entertaining) for you as you continue your netwanderings.

Hello. . .It’s Me. . .

A happy hello to those unluckiest and fewest who will come upon this site (if it is even possible to do so) before I get anything up here worth looking at!

I am honored to have any reader, including trolls, so feel free to peruse whatever you like and post constructive feedback/ comments about sexual orientation wherever you like!