3 Replies to “My Guest Post on Psychology Junkie!”

  1. I saw this on psychology junkie and had to ask… What personality are you?? The bio said your girlfriend was an INTJ, but nothing about you…
    Great job on the article by the way!

    1. Wow! I didn’t actually expect someone to reply so quickly!

      I’m an ENFP! And I’m ecstatic to hear you liked the article. This is my first time trying the blogging and writing so I’m a little new to a lot of this.

  2. Now that I’m home I can write a little more. Since you are the first person to actually comment on my new blog, is there something in specific you wanted to see? Could do a hero or villain of your type if you wanted.

    I’m going to strive to do typing from the ground up, without looking at the work other’s have done on the same subject. I want my posts and findings to be unique, to add something other than the usual stereotype echoes you see a lot of on the internet.

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